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Chia Seed Scalp & Hair Nourishment Oil

Chia Seed Scalp & Hair Nourishment Oil

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Say Goodbye to breaking, dull, thinning, unhealthy hair & Scalp. Say Hello, to Growing, Glowing, Thick, Healthy Hair deriving from a healthy Scalp! Let our Chia Seed Scalp & Hair Nourishment Oil bring your Scalp & Hair back to life with the nourishment of Mother Nature's bearing. This hair oil is enriched w/ cold pressed Chia Seeds which are rich in essential amino acids and minerals such as copper and zinc. Essential amino acids can help keep your scalp healthy and fight inflammation to promote hair growth. Zinc and copper boost hair growth and prevent thinning of hair. 

Cold pressed Pumpkin Seeds are also used in this hair oil which contain cucurbitacin which is an amino acid with antimicrobial and anti-inflammation properties. This benefits those suffering from hair and scalp issues such as dandruff & hair loss. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in vitamin C, promoting hair growth, shine, and overall hair health. The vitamins in pumpkin seeds also block enzymes that cause hair loss. 

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond seeds is another valuable content used in this oil which Strengthens hair, boost growth, repairs damaged strands, diminish split ends, and makes hair less prone to breakage. Just to name three amazing components used in this hair oil!

This Oil is light weight it does not weigh your hair down or leave your hair with that oily feel. It has a light pleasant fragrance.

Chia Seed Scalp & Hair Nourishment Oil is giving Hair Everything it needs to thrive and @ a reasonable price. 

Remember Your Hair is the Bodies plant Feed it the best use FS Organics Hair Products!


Benefits of use:

  • Rich in growth promoting nutrients 
  • Improves scalp health
  • Keeps hair and scalp hydrated 
  • Helps to treat damaged hair
  • Protects hair from possible aggression
  • Restores the natural shine of hair
  • Light weight and Can be used daily
  • Light pleasant fragrance 
  • Contains only Natural Ingredients 



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